The benefits of pole dancing

Contrary to appearances, pole dancing is accessible to most people, physically speaking. It is not necessary to already be slender, flexible and muscular to be able to practice ... One reason for the extraordinary success of pole dancing in the Anglo-Saxon countries is precisely this accessibility. Anyone who is able to play sports (dance, gym, judo, cycling ...) can get to pole dancing. A serious class will, obviously, require a complete warm-up and stretching at the end of the session, and will make you move gradually and smoothly according to your possibilities. In short: it is exactly the same as with any other physical activity!

Starting from there, you can pole dance with confidence, knowing that you work your whole body in both flexibility and tone, but you strengthen especially the upper body, the abdominal area and the entire pelvic area. Indeed, the arms, shoulders, your back and also the abs and buttocks are in demand constantly, even to do the most basic moves for beginners.

Now, this is where it gets interesting: because the aerial side of pole dancing makes it extremely entertaining and fun, your body will grow more strong and firm. While having fun and learning to do very beautiful moves, which are often much easier to accomplish than we would have thought at the beginning of the class, you won't even realize it!

Once the basic techniques established, you can start creating more and more artistic choreographies. Addiction is usually almost immediate .....

Another important aspect of this discipline, one is not necessarily aware of, if he or she has not practiced it yet, is the confidence it provides. Indeed, its acrobatic side forces us to confront two fears: the one of falling and the one of the collision with the pole. Once you overcome these fears, the feeling of strength and control is very exhilarating, especially for those people who thought they were shy or fearful. With that in mind, we can say that pole dancing is not only aesthetic, it is also quite impressive. When you are in a beginners' class and you are suddenly capable to do moves that seemed so difficult at first, you come out pumped up! It may be exactly this confidence and assurance that makes pole dancers so fascinating .....

We also work on ease and coordination, and your reflexes are optimized.

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