The Team of Pole Dance Paris

Mariana Baum : Creator and Director of the school. Actress, director and drama teacher for over 15 years with a serious background in dance (classical, jazz, modern jazz and contemporary) literally "fell" for pole dancing in early 2004. First working as a performer, she then started the first regular classes in France in 2005. Gradually, these private and confidential classes became the school Pole Dance School Paris. This is partly due to the invaluable assistance of Jean-Baptiste Plachez and the encounter with Prana Ovide-Etienne. Mariana is now the French ambassador of the PFA, guest performer and judge for various international competitions and, with Jean-Baptiste, the organizer of the yearly French Pole Dancing Competition. The growing popularity of this sport in France has lead to the creation of 2 DVDs:"Learn and practice Pole Dance" Volumes 1 and 2, and the Profesional instructor training. Finally, a project dear to her heart for a long time was born: The pole dancing company "La Fille de l'Air".

Jean-Baptiste Plachez : Co-creator and executive director of the school, he works with Mariana on various pole dancing projects since 2005. Initially philosopher and logician, he founded a company in 2008, dealing with advice and computer facilities for SMEs, and a photo studio. He created the first versions of the website "Pole Dance Paris". Pole dancing is now taking up more and more space in his life, whether for the school, the competition or the dvds ... He is also the first official X-Pole distributor in France and actively contributes to the promotion of pole dancing.


Linda Vongdara :After practicing ballet and jazz, then gymnastics for several years, Linda Vongdara discovered pole dancing in 2006. Immediately seduced by the aesthetic and aerial aspects of this discipline, still little known but very spectacular, two years later she began to perform at private parties and to participate in competitions (French Competition 2009, 2010, 2011 and the European Championships in 2008). Linda is also a graduate in fashion design and practices pole dancing professionally: performances, solo shows and group shoots, video clips, movies ... She is a training instructor at Pole Dance Paris since 2010 and she occasionally gives workshops in other schools in France or abroad.

Stéphanie Durand : Coming from a professional makeup artist environment, she likes the arts and moved towards Pole Dancing. She was attracted by the discipline because it combines acrobatics and dance, and grows continuously to meet new challenges. First she was a student at Pole Dance Paris but eventually she started our instructor training as well.


Olivia Peresson :As a little girl, Olivia used to dream of dancing and she devoted herself to it completely (classic, modern jazz). She then discovered rhytmic gymnastics and participated in several competitions. As an adult she practiced street funk jazz, salsa and tango... plus pilates and yoga for the flexibility aspect. In 2008, she discovered pole dancing. She took her first class and it was love at first sight! Pushed by the desire to share this amazing discipline she started the first session of the professional training program provided by Mariana Baum. She has been teaching the professional training since 2010 and she also practices aerial silk, tango, and horseback riding.






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