Please note: our studio does not face the street, and we won't receive you without an appointment. It is mandatory to call to sign up - space is limited due to material contingencies related to the activity (security, number of poles...) Compliying with this requirement is essential in order to work in good conditions. We accept chèques vacances and chèques sport.

The key is to have bare arms and legs (to hang on the pole). Shorts and a tank top are ideal, or a sports leotard.
However, only high-heeled shoes can make you swagger the right way and give you enough stability. But nothing vertitginous either! A simple pair of classic shoes are very good (still avoid platform shoes, which will not give you enough flexibility while walking)
Last but essential: do not, under any circumstances, apply fatty products on your body the day of your class (no body lotion or cream, nor oil). Even several hours after application, the pole may become a slide for yourself and for the others.


Monday - Friday, from 10am to 6pm : +33(0)6 99 13 70 00 or (english spoken)

Timetable :

click here to see regular schedule ( September to July)


-Absolute beginners

-Beginners Level 1

-Beginners Level 2

-Intermediate Level 1

-Mixt Intermediate (Levels 1&2)

-Intermediate Level 2


- Combo

(counts for 1/2 class on the card)

-Pole flex

- Pole Power


30 €: absolute beginners' class
35 €: All Beginners (1, 2 & mixt), Intermediate (1, 2 and mixt), Advanced & Combo

20 €: Pole Flex, Pole Power

10 classes concession card*: 300 € + 1 class for free
( = 27,27 € per class). Possibility to pay in 2 or 3 installments 6 months validity
(*20% off this card if you are a student, provided you give us a copy of your student card)
20 classes concession card : 570 €+ 2 classes for free
( = 25,90 € per class). Possibility to pay in 3 or 5 installments 1 year validity
40 classes concession card : 880 € + 2 classes for free
( = 20,95 € per class). Possibility to pay in 8 installments. 1 year validity

On agreement (will be scheduled according to the availability of the teacher), 80 € an hour
- card for 5 private lessons of 1 hour each : 350 €

42 rue d'avron 75020 Paris, métro Buzenval click here see the map and 111 rue de Montreuil click here see the map (you will find all these informations on the schedule as well)