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Pole dancing is a very young discipline and, given to the growing demand of the general public as well as professionals, many teachers enter the market without any real training or educational experience, which affects both the image of the discipline and its development.

Our Pole Dance Instructor Training is divided into 9 modules of 12 hours each, spread over 12 months, plus one 10th optional module which is a module of enhancement. In addition, we offer a cost-free class of the level that is corresponding to the module. Finally, it takes 6 hours per level to certify the skills, each including: a written exam, an oral exam, and the duty to conduct a class (corresponding to the level of the module) in our studio, in a real situation, and of course debriefings are necessary after each test. A total of 163 hours, with the last module (highly recommended to students who do not have a history as pole dancers, gymnasts or acrobats). The comprehensive training includes not only the rigorous learning of nearly 200 positions and moves, teaching theory and practice of dance and acrobatics, speaking in public, static and spinning pole modes, choreography, parades, working on elements specific to the discipline, namely the support and the centrifugal force, physical preparation and recovery, among other things. Other very practical aspects such as administrative aspects and legal aspects but also the choice and maintenance of an appropriate room and equipment, and even advice about a healthy lifestyle and nutrition will be discussed.

At the end of the modules, a manual of twenty to thirty pages for each module, providing a precise and complete description all moves that were studied, and also chapters on pedagogy, choreography and other topics for each module will be provided to the students. These manuals were entirely written by Mariana Baum, creator and director of Pole Dance Paris, and are the result of more than 5 years of work experience and reflection about pole dancing and its teaching.

Finally, at each level, DVDs and a poster with the corresponding positions will also be offered to the students as teaching materials to enable them to better prepare for their exams, but also as reference material to complete the textbooks, for their support thereafter throughout their work as instructors.

Module 1 is for complete beginners, the modules 2 and 3 are beginner level, 4, 5 and 6 the intermediate level, and 7, 8 and 9 advanced level. Each module takes place during three days. A certificate will be handed out at the end of each level (not each module) after validation of the skills (by appointment, 1 to 1 ½ months after the last module in the level.) Mariana Baum, ambassador of the Pole Fitness Association (PFA) will be the instructor. The certifications issued by Pole Dance Paris will also soon be recognized by the AFP, giving trainees an additional valorization of their skills on an international level.

For further information, thank you for calling Mariana at +33(0)6 20 40 61 43 from 1 to 8 pm (leave a message with your phone number if not available)

"Prices: 500€ per module (totalling 9 modules) or 5 000€ for the complete training.
Payment by installments possible
2 optional modules: "Speaking and ease in public"" and ""Perfecting Technique of pole dance"" (350€ for the optional modules)
A X-Pole Titanium Gold will be offered if you book the 9 modules and one of two optional modules at the very beginning."

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