Tips and tricks

For bruises, large and small, which are inevitable at the pole: Arnica montana in 4CH, eight granuls three times a day. (homeopathy, pharmacy)

For big bruises, put some Arnica-Creme on the bruise.

Non-greasy moisturizing of the body: Ultra lightBody Lotion with gel (my favorite: bodytonic, Garnier). Not bad either, though less moisturizing: the aloe vera gel, any brand, as long as it is with no fat at all.

Cleaning the pole: water and isopropyl alcohol with 70° diluted to one third / two thirds, with a small towel, or better a microfibre cloth. Avoid glass cleaner (slightly greasy).

Smooth skin for shows and photos, even without oil: finely glitter gels that catch the light. Do not put it all over your body, but only where you want to enhance a curve, or unify the skin (it also reduces the bruises on the legs!). They are found in several make up brands, including the one in supermarkets (Gemey, for example) There are also powders based on mother of pearl with a large brush on the desired areas.

Joint pain, tendinitis ... Harpagophytum capsules (Harpadol, pharmacy), or tincture, more efficient and cheaper.

To soften and strengthen the hands and fingers at the same time : Chinese balls, which you rotate in your hand so that they do not touch, first in one way then the other.

When one begins to "climb" or doing its first upside down and hang by the ankles or knees, for example, the contact with the pole can be relatively painful : a train with boots ( leather or leather imitation, these fabric don't slip so bad) makes it easy for the first times.

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